Top 8 Best Pet Carrier Backpacks Reviews in 2018

Going to places with your pets is super easy with the best pet carrier backpacks. Oh, they are like ordinary backpacks but specially designed for pets like cats and dogs. With pet carrier backpacks, you will be able to go to anywhere conveniently with your pets with you. You don’t have to worry that they will get tired walking you, and you don’t have to carry them in your arms at all. The backpacks provide great comfort to the pets inside, and they will surely love it. Check out 8 best pet carrier backpacks reviews below and select your most favorite one.

1. 6-in-1 Pet Carrier Backpack by Natuville

By 6-in-1, this backpack offers more than you expect for your pets. You can use it as a pet carrier backpack, car seat crate, front pet backpack, shoulder carrier, and more. This backpack is super flexible and sturdy which makes a great choice to choose. Also, it is airline approved which makes things even easier when travel with your pets. Durable and comfortable, this should be the one.

2. Pet Travel Carrier Backpack by Pet Magasin

With lambo style, you can use this backpack as a regular carrier or a backpack carrier easily. The backpack features a portable kennel that has 2 side panels that offers you pet rooms to walk. This lambo is made from high quality materials that makes it waterproof, soft, and comfortable for the pet. It is also airline approved, and it is super safe and convenient to have for the pets.

3. Legs Out Dog Carrier by NICREW

In case you want to give your dog some space for their legs, this one will do the job. The backpack comes with added mesh panels that allow for extra accessibility and ventilation for the puppy. The great part is the straps are widened to add extra comfort on top of the shoulder pads. You can take your dogs anywhere you go easily and comfortably. It comes with colors and sizes that you can select from, the choice is all yours.

4. Pet Carrier Backpack for Small Dogs by KritterWorld

Made from high quality materials, this carrier backpack is bite resistant yet comfortable for the puppy. This size fits great with pets with weight up to 7 lbs. The backpack comes with adjustable padded straps that help reduce burden to make you feel comfortable while carrying your pet. The inside is soft and breathable, and it makes ideal choice for walking, traveling, camping, and more.

5. Pet Carrier Backpack by Petsfit

Bringing your pet on the adventure with you will be way easier with this incredible pet carrier backpack. It is sturdy and safe which keeps your pet comfortable and safe inside as you walk. There are 4 mesh windows that allows for ventilation and visibility for the pet. For you, the adjustable padded shoulder straps brings great comfort as you walk. The backpack comes with 4 colors for you to choose including green, black, blue, and pink.

6. Pet Carrier Backpack by K9 Sport Sack

Who says pet carrier backpacks are only for small puppies? You can also bring your big dogs on a trip with you as well with this awesome pet carrier backpack here. The backpack comes with all shapes and sizes that you can choose to fit any sizes of your dogs. From the tiny chihuahua to the chubby frenchie or corgi, the backpack can handle all of them. It is comfortable and convenient, and you won’t see your dogs get mad at you anymore.

7. 4-Way Expandable Pet Carrier Backpack by Smiling Paw Pets

There are 4 ways that you can transform this carrier backpack to bring great comfort to your pets. You can also carry it in multiple ways as well like wear it over the shoulder, use it as car crate, etc. The backpack is super durable and comfortable for your kittens and puppies. It is also easy to take care of since it is machine washable. There are 2 sizes available for you between medium and large.

8. Pet Carrier by OxGord

If you travel a lot and have to have your pet with you, don’t overlook this carrier. It is compliant with most airlines, and you can trust that your pet your run out of the carrier at all. Inside, there is removable fleece travel bed that offers great comfort as you pet sleeps. The whole carrier is durable and easy to take care of while providing great safety to the pets inside. It also comes with style since there is a variety of colors that you can choose from. The choice is all yours.

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